The World’s Top 5 Craps Players

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Craps are different from games such as blackjack, poker, and sports betting, where player skill is a determining element. Craps, on the other hand, is commonly viewed as a game of pure chance and probability.

Whether or whether you follow the advantage play strategy known as controlled shooting determines who the best craps player in the world is (a.k.a. dice control).

Five of the most well-known craps gamblers are listed here.

1. Patricia Demauro

Stanley Fujitake’s two-decade winning streak was broken by Patricia Demauro, the internet’s most adored grandmother gambler, in 2019. A prize in the range of $500 000 and $5 000 000 was given. Demauro played Craps for a total of 4 hours and 18 minutes, rolling 154 dice. She had previously held the record for the longest craps roll.

Contrary to Demauro’s claims, it is still unclear what exactly has caused this winning streak. Additionally, the likelihood is one in 1,56 trillion. Dice management seems futile if a novice can surpass the record for the most consecutive rolls.

2. Stanley Fujitake

Stanley Fujitake owned the craps records up until Patricia Demauro wiped the floor with him. After 18 rolls, Fujitake was still without a 7, despite his continued efforts to get one.

They decided to go to the California Casino & Hotel on this particular day to try their luck at the slots. He began by placing $5 bets on each of the three pass-line possibilities.

However, as his winnings grew, Fujitake increased his stakes. After several wins, he increased his wager to $1,000, and it was profitable.

John Repetti, the governor of California, alleges that Fujitake received a $30,000 prize and fled the casino. The $750,000 in casino winnings that Fujitake’s rolls generated were divided among thirty to forty bettors.

3. Frank Scoblete

Frank Scoblete is another well-known dice-control expert in the craps world. Before being one of the most well-known and prosperous gambling authors in the world, Scoblete was a stage performer who was attempting to break into the business.

In the 1980s, Scoblete traveled to Atlantic City with his future wife, fellow actor Alene Paone, to explore casinos and gambling for a role. Until the cows came home, the two of them played craps, and Scoblete eventually gave up acting to pursue a career in gambling.

The only way Scoblete could continue to gamble on the cheap was to write about advantage play tactics. He published the first book by Paone Press, “Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win!” in 1991.

He also never looked back. Then he started writing dozens of books that described every aspect of casino games.

4. Garton Mau

Garton Mau has four times taken home the Golden Arm trophy.

He rolled 72 straight ones without a seven to impress the media. He went for a run that lasted around an hour at the end of the day.

The Las Vegas region is now home to several former Golden Arm tournament winners.

5. Dominic LoRiggio

Few people possess LoRiggio’s degree of proficiency in advantage play craps. The man is so skilled at dice games that a History Channel episode called “The Dice Dominator” was based on his experiences. Nobody else is thought to have what is known as the “Golden Touch,” a unique gift that LoRiggio supposedly possesses.

LoRiggio will have a higher chance of avoiding 7-out rolls if he follows an 8-step process. You may see the backdrop the dice are rolling against by placing a “Dominator” tile on the table in front of the dice.

He picks where he wants the dice to land after carefully placing them in his hands. Holding the dice between his two fingers, LoRiggio hurls them at the wall. He makes sure they always fall together to keep them from dispersing in different directions.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Security

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Take online casino security very seriously, and you should too. It’s fun to gamble at your favorite online casinos, but it’s not fun if you have to worry about your safety.

Today’s post will teach you in great detail how to be sure you’re playing in a safe environment at an online casino the next time you visit one.

It must be the first and primary concern.

Criteria for Online Safety

Your sense of security is essential when using an online casino. Your money and privacy could be destroyed if you gamble at an unsecured casino.

You’ll find our online casino safety advice to be quite beneficial as a result. For a visit checklist to a casino that you can use each time, continue reading. Here are the most important details you need to be aware of before we go into the specifics:

  • How up-to-date is the casino’s legitimate license to operate?
  • Is there public access to the results of the casino’s regular audits?
  • When it comes to the safety of your personal information, casinos have you covered, and they outsource their security services to reputable companies.
  • Do you think the games are honest? If you want to win money, stay away from betting on fixed events. Investigate the casino’s usage of a random number generator to ensure honest gaming.
  • Does the casino encrypt your personal information before sending it anywhere?
  • Which software companies do you have access to? Is there a good reputation for the vendors eCOGRA evaluates? If these are service providers you are unfamiliar with, then more investigation will be required.
  • You should carefully consider the deposit and withdrawal options available to you. Do you know how to use the available methods of payment? Have any concerns been raised if they aren’t?
  • Ownership: How reputable is the casino’s parent company?
  • If the casino has won any awards or been awarded any seals of approval, you can rest assured that this information will be displayed at the base of the website.
  • Is it possible to use your mobile device to access the casino’s site and place bets?
  • Can I get in touch with the casino if I need help? Flags should be flown above casino complexes that provide no outside help.

Tips for Online Casino Security

You should have a detailed list to use the next time you play now that you’ve read our full blog. The recommendations to follow are listed below to summarize the most important safety precautions:

  • Avoid playing at casinos that lack proper licensing and oversight. Go to your left and try to find a legitimate casino. In other words, it’s not worth taking the risk. Be wary of shady gambling offers and avoid becoming a victim.
  • Make sure the casino uses secure socket layer (SSL) technology before you provide them with any personal information.
  • Read the casino’s rules before you play.
  • Determine if the casino has enough privacy protections in place and if they comply with the Data Protection Act.
  • Make sure the casino is using adequate security measures. Your best interests require this!
  • Check the credentials of any awards or certifications claimed.


To serve consumers in the United States, online casinos that enable real-money wagering must have a current gaming license. You might want to seek elsewhere if you want to gamble with real money but the app/website you’re using lacks the necessary licensing.

The Ultimate Guide to avoid Angle Shooters in Poker

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Even though there are rules in poker, the rules cannot reasonably anticipate or account for every eventuality that may emerge during a game.

As a result, there is a lot of potential for interpretation, or “angle shooting,” in which competitors attempt to utilize the rules to their advantage.

In this post, you will learn the definition of “angle shooting” in poker, as well as frequent angle shoots and countermeasures.

What Is Angle Shooting?

“Angle shooting” in poker refers to the practice of using questionable or unethical strategies to gain an advantage over a competitor, even though doing so technically does not violate any rules.

While the community as a whole frowns on the behavior, many gamers are ready to take the risk.

Example of Angle shooting #1

In the first example of angle shooting, Player A bets $100,000 on the river. Player A does the same thing as Player B by indicating with his chips that he wants to call. Player B has obtained further information.

Example of Angle shooting #2

A player at the 100/200 level finds pocket aces, counts to five, and then bets $5,000. This is an illustration of angle shooting. The dealer will inform a player who says “five” that they have just raised to 5,000. He’s currently behaving perplexed, leading the other players to believe he wants to increase to 500. While this is not exactly against the rules, it is dishonest and contrary to the spirit of the competition.

Why Is Angle Shooting Bad?

It has been revealed that a sizable proportion of the playing population supports the technique of angle shooting.

They believe it isn’t a big deal as long as they aren’t breaking any rules. The problem with this perspective is that poker is primarily a social game. Even if an action does not precisely contravene regulations, it is not right.

In any social scenario, there is an implicit rule of conduct that you should follow. Proper poker etiquette is also crucial.

And breaking poker etiquette norms to achieve a modest, transient advantage will not endear you to your fellow players. Because of the terrible perception angle shooters have in the community, most players will actively avoid them. It may even keep you out of the best games if you have a reputation for it.

This is because games with extensive-angle shooting can become unfriendly environments in which casual players (who are critical to the games’ success) refuse to sit down and instead prefer to invest their time and money elsewhere.

Persistent angle shooters are likewise harmed, but they can only blame themselves.


Every poker game contains at least a smidgeon of shadiness. This is to be expected in a game where success is determined by outthinking your opponents. Certain behaviors are permissible and should be permitted, whilst the actions indicated above should be avoided at all costs. Playing poker over an extended period, particularly in person, will expose you to a wide range of situations. After reading this, you should be better prepared to deal with them and avoid being deceived at the tables.

The Ultimate explanation of the Blackjack 5-Card Rule

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Blackjack seems to be a straightforward card game, and in many ways it is. But with so many variations on the rules, figuring out which ones are good and which ones are bad gets challenging.

However, if you realize how many different variations there are, it could be challenging to tell which guidelines are good and which are bad.

There aren’t many blackjack games that use the five-card Charlie rule. For those who play blackjack, it’s a wise rule. If it’s offered, you need to be aware of how it operates to benefit from it.

What does the blackjack “5 Card Rule” mean?

Advantage The 5 Card Charlie blackjack strategy is a viable option. Since every player who makes it to five cards without going bust automatically wins under this rule, the house has a 1.46% advantage.

Remember that Charlie can also stand in for the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9. On average, this hand happens once every 50 hands.

Cons of the Blackjack 5-card rule

When playing Blackjack, the 5-Card Charlie could be a hindrance because of time limits. At a full table of, say, seven people, there will always be one or two players who can take more cards and deliberate more carefully each round as they weigh their chances of getting a 5-Card Charlie.

Making poor choices slows the game down, which is detrimental. When you’re not thinking clearly, you’re more likely to make poor decisions that will lower your odds of success and raise the risk that you’ll lose money.

What Are the Blackjack 5-Card Charlie Strategies?

Each of the blackjack rules has an impact on how the game turns out. Therefore, the optimal course of action varies based on the circumstance. The Charlie rules are in force in this instance.

You can raise your chances of winning if you play this type of game appropriately. Of course, they can’t triumph every time. However, by employing the following strategies, you’ll raise your chances of success:

  1. Do not rely on it
  2. Decide whether to strike or stand
  3. Knowing when to take a chance

Does Blackjack Always Win With 5 Cards?

In 5 Card Blackjack, if the player’s hand beats the dealer’s, all of the remaining bets are paid out. The dealer will lose if it “busts.” It’s extremely uncommon to receive a “natural” or “Blackjack” when your first two cards add up to 21. The player will almost certainly win the hand unless the dealer also has blackjack.

The Conclusion

The best blackjack strategy is the Five-Card Charlie rule. The casinos that provide this service are not naive, though, and they make up for the injustice of the circumstance by enacting additional Blackjack rules.

While it’s vital to watch out for the “5 rule” when playing blackjack, you need also to consider the other rules to decide whether or not the table is worthwhile. Our guide provides all the information you need if you want to learn more about blackjack.

The Three Largest Casino Break-ins in History

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A casino robbery might serve as the foundation for an exciting story. Even the most seasoned criminals would be hesitant to attempt something as dangerous as stealing a heavily secured and attentive casino where there are high chances of receiving a lengthy jail sentence. Nevertheless, a few daring con artists, thieves, and robbers take a chance in casinos and, surprisingly frequently, succeed.

Here are some of the most well-known casino robberies in history that were notable for their scale, simplicity, or daring and were evocative of the most well-known casino frauds. They’re all fascinating, but some of them may serve as the plot for a movie about casino robberies. Let’s look at what transpired without further ado.

The Crown Casino Heist

In 2013, a heist at the Crown Casino in Australia resulted in the greatest theft of its kind. The crime cost the casino a staggering $32 million, however by some miracle they were able to recover a significant portion of the money. Two thieves collaborated in the planning and execution of the heist, employing a sophisticated system of observation and information exchange to con the casino.

Like the great majority of the biggest thefts in history, the Crown Casino heist was an inside job. The cameras placed above the high-stakes tables could be seen by one of the security personnel. He imparted his expertise to another player at the table, who subsequently made decisions based on his counsel, and the two of them divided the prize money.

Despite being successful at first, the scam was ultimately discovered after a streak of extraordinarily profitable hands raised suspicions. It is amazing that the two of them were let go with minimal punishments and avoided jail time for their heist given that the stolen monies were recovered. You have to give them credit for having a thick skin even if things didn’t go as planned.

The Circus Circus Heist

Although casinos can usually trust their employees to be truthful, there are always those few who would risk everything for a better payday and commit an inside job, making heists a common occurrence. Like Heather Tallchief, she was a valuable member of the staff. She drove the armored cars that transported money from the casino at Circus Circus to the bank. Instead of going home after her shift like she usually did, one day in 1993 she just up and left, taking the truck and its contents, which were worth almost $3 million.

She and her lover escaped to the Netherlands, where they stayed hidden for about a decade. Although Tallchief was never located, she somehow turned herself into authorities in 2005 so that she might lead a more regular existence. Without turning herself in, she might never have been caught. Her accomplice is still at large as of this day.

Bill Brennan Heist

Ocean’s Eleven, one of the greatest gambling films ever made, can make you think that every successful casino heist in history required a meticulous plan. Even more straightforward tactics, meanwhile, have been effective in the real world, leaving casinos reeling from the losses. The Bill Brennan case serves as an example of how simplicity may produce amazing results in a casino theft where more intricate schemes have fallen short.

Bill Brennan worked long hours as a cashier at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas and was dedicated to his work. Nobody would have anticipated Brennan pulling off a simple casino theft, but he was about to. In 1992, he stole $500,000—not the biggest robbery ever, but enough to provide for himself throughout his life.

Unknown is whether Brennan’s actions were spontaneous or planned. However, one day at the end of his shift, he simply quit his job and left all the cash and chips behind. After going to work, Brennan vanished and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He continues to be wanted by the FBI today as a result of what is largely regarded as the biggest and riskiest casino theft in the history.